MOTforestillinger V

Sunday 28th October 2018
Nedjma, Litteraturhuset in Oslo

The festival is sponsored by Fritt Ord.

Kl.12.00: Opening

After Aleppo by Jehan Bseiso (translated into Norwegian by Vibeke Harper) 

– read by Marius Kolbenstvedt

Organisers speech – Vibeke Harper

Kl. 12.10-13.00: Artist presentation – Anas Salameh

Screening of Salamehs work, reading of his texts connected to the drawings

– translated into Norwegian by Vibeke Harper, read by actor Bjørn Moan 

Artist conversation with Q&A


15 min break


Kl.13.15-13.40: Reading – Art in flight 

Guest-curator Motaz Habbash/Det er hardt å være araber

Author Hassan Kassas + musician


Kl.13.40-13.55: The poet Dareen Tatour

A Poet Behind Bars by Dareen Tatour – translated and read by Marius Kolbenstvedt

Shortfilm made by Motaz Habbash


5 min pause


Kl.14.00-14.30: Artproject presentation – Her og Der
Presentation of the art project Her og Der, by Marie Skeie og Motaz Habbash

With Q&A

15 min break


Kl. 14.45-15.00: Eurovision in Israel – It's out of tune to play in Tel Aviv
Presentation of the campagne Boycott Eurovision 2019 in Israel

by Øystein Grønning, AKULBI

Kl.15.00-15.20: Reading – Extinctions


Gull (excerpt) by Tadeus Roszewicz

– read by actor Kyrre Hellum 

Exodus by Taha muhammad Ali

– translated by Marius Kolbenstvedt, read by Terje Ranes

Dette vet vi allerede by Tariq Luthun

– translated by Marius Kolbenstvedt, read by Terje Ranes

Ditt Nakba, og mitt by Ramzy Baroud

– translated by Marius Kolbenstvedt, read by Kyrre Hellum


To Gaza from the Diaspora by Johan Bseiso

– translated by Vibeke Harper, read by Johannes Joner

10 min break

Kl.15.30-16.30: The Making of – The Tower

Director/animator Mats Grorud brings "behind the scenes"-material and clips

from his new animation-film The Tower,

In conversation with Truls Lie (Editor for Ny Tid oand Modern Times Review)



30 min break


Kl.17.00-18.00: Reading – The poet Suheir Hammad

Ted-talk by Suheir Hammad

– translated and performed by actor Henriette Blakstad.

May I take your order og Break (clustered)

– translated and read by playwright Siri Broch Johanssen


Broken and BeirutBleached and BleedingThe necklace og Taxi

– translated and read by author Amalie Kassin Lerstang

Land and Kjærlighetsdikt (translated by Marius Kolbenstvedt)

– performed by singer/musician Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir